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Minister Ju is the new wave of ministry. He’s an author, Mindfulness Coach, & Law Of Attraction practitioner who also specializes in decoding the deeper secrets of ancient text, specifically the Bible.

Minister Ju loves to reveal the life changing psychological principles and truths in scripture to help people achieve their goals and to help organize their lives. His way of teaching scripture is second to none, as he helps the individual realize that “Jesus Christ is in you”.. literally, as the state of consciousness named Paul told us in Corinthians, and not a far off deity in to which you must pray, but to be realized as you, within you.

He teaches that the mind and human thoughts are the cause of the phenomenon of all circumstances in one’s life, and if you’re to change your condition you must be “renewed in the spirit of your mind” as the Bible tells us.

Minister Ju uses a beautiful blend of neuroscience, case studies, and quantum consciousness, to coach his members to success. To date he’s well over $7 million in testimonials in just 5 years, and health and recovery stories ranging from diabetes to heart conditions, and many more.

Minister Ju is here to serve and be a guiding light to those who’re ready to become the masters of their own destiny.

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