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The Imagination Guru

In just one month of appplying the quantum imaging techniques, I received 2 unexpected checks of over $2,000.
Carol Marie


The Imagination Guru’s memberships are all designed to help the user enhance their own energy to reach their maximum potential.

Private Coaching

Minister Ju welcomes all entrepreneurs and people from the regular walks of life into his 1 on 1 coaching sessions. With 3 touches (digital face to face screen sharing sessions) a month you’ll be sure to be gaining traction in no time with his precise methods and personalized implementation just for you!


1 hour session along with recording (sent out immediately following consultation). Personalized technique to fit your unique situation (sent in PDF)
About Us

The Imagination Guru

Minister Ju is the new wave of ministry. He’s an author, Mindfulness Coach, & Law Of Attraction practitioner who also specializes in decoding the deeper secrets of ancient text, specifically the Bible.

Minister Ju loves to reveal the life changing psychological principles and truths in scripture to help people achieve their goals and to help organize their lives. His way of teaching scripture is second to none, as he helps the individual realize that “Jesus Christ is in you”.. literally, as the state of consciousness named Paul told us in Corinthians, and not a far off deity in to which you must pray, but to be realized as you, within you… Read More

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Our clients come from different works of life and they have experienced first-hand the power of the human imagination. Don’t take a word for it. Listen to what some of them have to say!

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